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Welcome to our chat. The purpose of this chat is to simply provide a friendly atmosphere to those who live abroad, mostly in countries like the U.S, Malaysia, Singapore, U.A.E, Canada and India. Thus dividing our rooms as such - Malaysia tamil chat, Singapore tamil chat, Online tamil chat and India tamil chat. Apart from this main purpose its kinda like a dating service that we run here un-intenionally by provinding a cool place for guys and girls to meet and have good fun.This is basically a tamil chat room where like said before chatters from all over the world can come and converse with their fellow tamilians. Along side we provide a lot of other basic online fun stuff like Games, our own online FM radio where we host a lot of programs that may include songs and we also take requests from our online chat users on what songs they might like to hear at the moment for further details please do click on the radio tab on top, Live cams where you can view different live cams all over the world E.g:- Space cam, satellite cam, street cams mostly all over the world etc..,. Then one amazing time pass that you can have is to go to our fun facts or Did you know tab where we post things that may surprise you LOL.... Tamil chat page provides you and your friends a platform to chat online in our tamil chat page and guess what the tamil chat room page is exclusively available 24/7 around the clock, okay now what you get by chatting in tamil chat is that you make a lot of friends - Tamil speaking pople and with people all around the world who come to chat at our tamil chat room. Tamil chat for users all around the world who are seeking to have fun or some special relationships with some people they would love to be around with can come here and chat 24/7 around the clock whenever they would like to.


We provides tamil chat features such as chatting on the webcam, microphone chat in private and in our main rooms. Privacy is our top priority so we dont keep any records of users who come and chat here but due to a lot of third-party problems our admins and super admins are given the facility to check the related users I.P (Internet protocol) Address. Don't Worry though no one can do anything to you by just knowing your I.P cause the ip being shown when you come online will only be your public I.P and can be only traced back to you I.S.P provider lol of most cases where it would be in a different country for all we know. So you need not worry of any privacy issues as we are secured to the level that no information is disclosed to us by any means neither anyone else and we would like to advice you to also maintain a conduct of keeping you personal details to yourself and not sharing it with others unless you have developed a trust with her/him. So have fun chatting in our tamil chat rooms and other chats and while your on our site please do check the games room and the live cams room where you cam play over 84 vinatge flash games, I am sure you wouldn't be dissapointed, Watch live cams to and have fun in our tamil chat rooms as you do. Our second site Tamil Chat Zone (TCZ) is an online free tamil chat room 24/7 round the clock tamil chat site, with us you can meet new friends from all over the world. We are powered by the latest audio video chatting environment. Find a new friend every day without limits make friendship. Online Tamil Chat Room connects people from India, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, UAE, US and many other countries.Our Tamil Chat Room provides rich and friendly user experience where you can chat with your webcams on and enjoy a real breakthrough of voice experience that will help you make you happy and joyful.Our Tamil Chat Room is the best place to find the new Tamil friends from all over the world. You can chat with any one without registration and with registration. Also you can enjoy Tamil hit songs while chatting. We have flexibility text, video and audio chats friendly environment. In our Tamil Chat Room have lot of fun while chatting people can talk about particular topic anyone can join the discussion and knowledge based group chat people can learn others mentality. We have provide attractive group tamil chat with good design features and also have private chat you can use it with your mind-blowing person you can chat secret conversation with your friend using whisper message chat. You can able to send comedy audio clips and images and YouTube song and whatever you want.Tamil people mostly spread up all over the world will meet together in our, chat room. Tamil Chat Zone(TCZ) connect people from Singapore, India, Malaysia, Germany, US,UK, France and all other world countries. It's an online live audio/video tamil chat room people can enjoy video and audio tamil chat, you can find good friends here. In our Tamil chat room have lot of enjoyment and fun while chatting friends can sing a song with good quality stereo mixer settings. People who interested in music we really appreciate to sing a song in our tamil chat room and paly a song comedy clips while chatting. Friends can enjoy with games we have good idea and environment to conduct a live game show in our chat like puzzle, cricket, word games, GK based games, deal or no deal line game with system G support. We have attractive animate gifting facility. You can send a gift to your loved one and can get back from your mind-blowing person. Live features such as giving users the experience to have fun while chatting online with their friends by using our options such as watching new cam shows that we update on a regular basis and play games on our tamil chat games page with over 85+ flash vintage games and check out our blogging site also which is updated on a timely basis with news, articles, cooling recipies and a lot more so stay tuned for what might be newly added and have fun while your at it.

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